Light Organic Espresso

For those individuals who crave a citrusy, single origin, light roasted espresso, light in body, lots of crema and a fruity finish.

House Espresso

A classic combination of South and Central American beans, blended with African and Indonesian coffees, contributes character to this full-bodied, slightly smokey, earthy, tart rush of dark coffee flavours.

Noble Tree Espresso

This four-bean espresso blend has a tartness that weighs heavy at the back of the tongue, but finishes with a clean, smooth, slightly nutty after-taste.

Decaf Espresso

Swiss Water Colombian coffee has the caffeine removed naturally with water. Our Slow Roast technique produces a full taste espresso with plenty crema.


Brazil Cerrado

The Brazil Cerrado has a heavy body and is very sweet, usually with low acidity.  It is grown on rolling hills, with dry weather, stable temperatures, and a well-defined rainy season. These factors help with consistent maturation of the fruit.

Mexican Chiapas

The Mexican Chiapas has a typical “coffee” aroma, with deep flavours, and pronounced sharpness. High Altitude mountain ranges are the ideal climate for cultivating this coffee.

Peru Chanchamayo Organic

This organic coffee has a medium body, soft citrus acidity, with a smooth clean finish, while also remaining nutty and balanced.
It is shade grown at high altitudes, which produces a denser bean and more complex flavours as a result of its slow maturation process

Ethiopian Limu

With a bright citrus acidity, the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe offers a lemony flavor with excellent sweetness, and a silk mouth feel. This coffee is grown in high altitudes that get lots of sun, even during the rainy season.

Sumatra Mandheling

The Sumatra Mandheling has a smooth, full mouth feel, and is slightly earthy.
Grown in cloudy climates, this coffee does not have direct sunlight for the whole day, which contributes to flavours that people know Sumatra for.

Colombian Swiss Water Decaf

Our single origin organic Colombian is decaffeinated using the Swiss Water method, which only uses water to remove the caffeine. This medium profile decaf has all of the flavour and body of our regular coffees.


Breakfast Blend

This light coffee blend is designed for those who only enjoy drinking coffee in the morning. It has a smooth, light flavor, with a full body taste.

Danish Breakfast

With hints of a slightly nutty and clean finish, this full-flavoured medium roast blend can be enjoyed all morning and well into the afternoon.

Diner Blend

This coffee features our three-roast style (light, medium, and dark) blended together. Despite a slightly citrus aftertaste, the Diner Blend is considered to have a medium profile with a full body and is well appreciated on it’s own, or paired with any meal.

Mexican Tango

This single origin coffee grown in the Chiapas region of Mexico, is blended to characterize a medium dark flavour, with a bright and smooth taste.

Noldi’s Blend

A traditional blend of dark roast coffee with medium acidity and a smooth finish with no bitterness. Named after the Tibetan High Priest, Noldi; This blend is meant to stimulate reflection and thought.